Support Local Initiative

We’re looking for vendors to participate in our Support Local initiative. Vendors selected to participate in this initiative may have their products included in our Cheer Boxes, or offered for sale in our online shop.

If you'd like to sell your products in our shop, or have your products considered for our Cheer Boxes, complete the application below. Note that for Cheer Boxes, preference is given to consumable products with a broad appeal (food, drinks, soap, etc.) priced at $10 or less, and you must be able to supply a quantity of at least 30.

Before you apply, please check our fees and terms & conditions.

We require photos of your products (including packaging and labelling for food) before we approve participation. We encourage you to take photos in advance so you can submit them through the form. If your product is approved, we will require a logo to include on our website.